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Customer Expectations
We are often influenced by what we see on television when it comes to disinfection work. We tend to relate to science fiction or bio-terrorism movies, where the actors would be in either Tyvek or encapsulated positive pressured suits designed for mitigating the world’s nastiest viruses or unknown biological agents. However, this is not the case when it comes to disinfection work for cleaning companies.
When cleaning companies are activated for disinfection operations, the disinfection team would be briefed on the situation at the incident site and the
specific type of biological agent/s they would be dealing with. The scenarios faced by the team may be a confirmed case, a suspected case, or preventive disinfection against a known virus or bacteria. Therefore, a risk assessment would be carried out to decide on the right PPE and disinfectants needed to carry out the disinfection work. After the Team Lead gathers the relevant information about the case, he can then propose a disinfection plan and give proper advice to help the customer revert the site to normalcy.
Beyond COVID-19
Disinfection Work
As we navigate our way through this COVID-19 pandemic, our definition of cleanliness will no longer be confined to the dirt that we can see. We will be guarding against other highly contagious viruses, as well as invisible germs. As companies consider ways to smoothen the transition for employees to return to the workplace, cleaning companies will need to adopt new practices in their cleaning and disinfection services, meeting the expectations to be transparent and outcome-based.
By incorporating science and technology in disinfection operations, we are hopeful that more young blood will be attracted to join the ES workforce and that they would be accorded the same level of respect as our healthcare workers.

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