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worker training and those dedicated to promoting a good working environment. Through this approach, the industry can continue to progress in enhanced productivity growth and digital transformation.
In the short term, key initiatives to achieve would include skills upgrading for the workers in the industry, as well as fairer marketplace practices that discourage one sided contracts. Furthermore, EMAS promotes fair competition and the fair practices of free enterprise.
Additionally, EMAS is consistently engaging government and regulatory bodies, so that the industry can align itself with government initiatives and directions, as well as provide timely and relevant feedback to the regulatory authorities on the situation at ground level. This would encompass the development of feasible policies to help grow the industry in scope and depth.
On Climate Change and Our Role
Everyone has a role to play in helping safeguard our environment as we continue to adapt to changes in a post COVID-19 world. As an association representing the environmental health industry, it is our prerogative to help precipitate the move towards cleaner and greener technology within the industry, such that as individual companies each EMAS member can play his/her part. Collectively, as an association, spearheading the move in this direction will also ensure that we can contribute substantially towards reducing our combined impact on the environment. Alongside this move, EMAS will work towards educating buyers of services whose purchasing behaviour would affect the industry’s development. This education aims to bring about more responsible consumerism so that in the upstream portion of the supply chain, greener options can be chosen and applied, as this can potentially have significant downstream effects.
Beyond the domestic landscape, adopting such business practices will also help our companies acquire an important competitive edge as they embark on regional expansion.

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