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About EMAS

Environmental Management Association of Singapore (EMAS) was first established in 1986 by service providers from the contract cleaning, waste management and pest control industries. The aims of EMAS are to provide a cohesive platform for companies in the environmental health industry to raise the professional standards of the industry and to address the common concerns of environmental and hygienic services.

Since its inception, EMAS has organised various activities such as seminars, mission trips, trainings, etc, to promote and expand the interest of its members and the Industry. EMAS also disseminates information and industry updates which are useful for both business and professional development.

• To promote and expand, the trade and manufacture or business of environmental and hygienic services
• To study and address environmental concerns and issues
• To promote the technical knowledge and skillsets of persons engaged in environmental and hygienic services
• To enhance the professional image and competence of members of the Association
• To foster information exchange and create potential strategic alliances amongst members, industry players, government agencies as well as overseas organizations

Goals for the Industry
The environmental health industry is slowly embracing consistently higher standards of worker training and qualifications, especially for the cleaning industry. This is part of EMAS’ Iong term plans towards building capabilities in the industry so that workers can look towards higher wages and better working environments. As part of its long term vision, EMAS is also consistently working to engage buyers of services, to ensure that they are educated and informed to source responsibly and intelligently, such that value is placed on companies with greater efforts towards technology enhancement, productivity, worker training and those dedicated to promoting a good working environment. Through this approach, the industry can continue to progress in enhanced productivity growth and digital transformation.

In the short term, key initiatives to achieve would include skills upgrading for the workers in the industry, as well as fairer marketplace practices that discourage one sided contracts. Furthermore, EMAS promotes fair competition and the fair practices of free enterprise.

Additionally, EMAS is consistently engaging government and regulatory bodies, so that the industry can align itself with government initiatives and directions, as well as provide timely and relevant feedback to the regulatory authorities on the situation at ground level. This would encompass the development of feasible policies to help grow the industry in scope and depth.

On Climate Change and Our Role
Everyone has a role to play in helping safeguard our environment as we continue to adapt to changes in a post COVID-19 world. As an association representing the environmental health industry, it is our prerogative to help precipitate the move towards cleaner and greener technology within the industry, such that as individual companies each EMAS member can play his/her part. Collectively, as an association, spearheading the move in this direction will also ensure that we can contribute substantially towards reducing our combined impact on the environment. Alongside this move, EMAS will work towards educating buyers of services whose purchasing behaviour would affect the industry’s development. This education aims to bring about more responsible consumerism so that in the upstream portion of the supply chain, greener options can be chosen and applied, as this can potentially have significant downstream effects.

Beyond the domestic landscape, adopting such business practices will also help our companies acquire an important competitive edge as they embark on regional expansion.

Membership - Representing Environmental Health Professionals

EMAS is the platform for advocating the industry needs to government agencies and associations. We have previously worked with various organizations in spearheading programs & initiatives for the cleaning & pest control industry. Some of them include:

Government Agencies
National Environmental Agency, Ministry of Manpower, Workforce Singapore, Enterprise Singapore, Skillsfuture Singapore, NTUC, etc.

We have strategic alliances with Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS), Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA) as well as overseas global alliances.

EMAS provides our members the opportunity to gain visibility for their company, brand, management & employees, products and services. Some of these opportunities are:

Company Profile
EMAS’ website profiles the details of our member companies. In addition, members are given the opportunity to share relevant information about their company should they wish to.

Advertising and Sponsorship
Advertising through EMAS and sponsoring EMAS events provides valuable opportunities for companies to build their corporate brands and establish visibility with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers.

EMAS provides an excellent platform for companies looking to build their businesses as well as expand their networks. Regular networking opportunities in various formats, such as talks, dialogue sessions and events be it in person or on digital platforms help facilitate the exchange & sharing of knowledge & ideas, enabling members to stay connected and establish key contacts in the industry.

With associated networks in the region with other trade associations, we aim to continue promoting the regional expansion of our members.

EMAS provides members with visibility and leadership opportunities such as:

Participation in Executive Committee
EMAS is structured to be a self-managed, self-funded and non-profit organization directed by the industry through its members. Policy and government initiative co-ordination is accomplished via a 9-person Executive Committee comprising of 6 Appointment Holders and 3 Council Members. Election of the Executive Committee is conducted once every two years.

Speaking Opportunities
EMAS actively participates in industry events and member companies can participate in these events through presentations & speeches.

Participation in Nation-Wide Awards / Events
EMAS is recognized as a valuable contributor to nation-wide efforts in the cleaning initiative and has been invited regularly to contribute its expertise in discussion and consultative panels by government agencies.

By joining EMAS, you become part of the larger community serving the cleaning & pest control industry in Singapore. As a member of the community, you stand to gain valuable business information and latest developments in the industry from a wide network of contacts which can help provide an edge over competitors.

Your participation serves to advance the interests of and assist in facilitating a more vibrant growth environment for the cleaning & pest control industry. EMAS aims to help your business flourish in Singapore as well as the region and to provide a key platform for your voice to be heard through proactive advocacy.

Ordinary Member
Any company registered in Singapore who has a cleaning license and whose principal business activity falls within the objectives of the Association. Companies with paid up capital of less than $50,000 will be accepted as SME Ordinary Member.

Associate Member
Any local or foreign organization whose business is related to environmental and hygienic services in Singapore.

Institutional Member
Any association, institution or society whose activities fall within the objectives of the Association.